Kit Ideas

Professional Media Kit

Product: 40-22-R18 

Perfect for Letter size collateral and digital media (held on USB. Printed inside and out in an annual report style creative, with custom slits for contact collateral on front panel.

Financial - Customer Gift

Product: E-18-R23 

Present a high-end customer gift along with produce / service information.

Technology - Portfolio or Press Kit

Product: 40-29 

Portfolio Press Kit for a product launch. Promotional packaging that is ecologically friendly and designed for reuse.

Entertainment - Media Kit

Product: 40-59 

CD Media Kit used as a premium publicize the new feature film.

Entertainment - Custom Gift Box

Product: E-15-R9 

To introduce a new movie with tie-ins. Custom gift box designed using a ready-made style as a design base.

Technology - Mailer Gift Box

Product: E-7L-R8 

To create a self mailing gift box for over 50,000 ad words customers.

Conference - Education Binder

Product: 50-55 

Ring binder to hold seminar materials.

Technology - Sales team binder

Product: 50-51-5 

Sales Kit 3-ring binder for sales collateral used with sales team.

Pharmaceutical Collateral Portfolio or Press Kit

Product: E-11-R11 

Sales Kit with Product Information for Medical Audience. Two pocket for information and collateral tri-fold with optional slots for 1 or 2 CD/DVDs and optional business card slits and elastic closure band. Made from 100% recycled content fiberboard.

Medical - Portfolio Kit with Handle

Product: 40-43-R2 

Information Kit for new medical treatment. Portfolio press kit with handle and snap. Perfect to hold collateral for educational event.

Real Estate - Media Kit

Product: 40-22-R4 

Leave-behind for upscale real-estate agent - designed for collateral like Titles, Property information and Estate Contacts. Gift Box style with snap and hinge lid to hold off-size collateral.

Energy - Press Kit

Product: 40-29-R5 

Leave-behind kit for seminars. Press Kit portfolio. Custom packaging without the custom cost.

Product Launch Binder

Product: 50-51-1 

Sales Kit for dealership sell-in information. 3-ring binder with pocket and custom printing.

Sports Season Tickets Box

Product: E-16-R9 

Kit for season ticket holders. Custom gift box made from a ready-made item so no tooling or long lead-time.

Consumer Products - Product Launch Kit

Product: E-18-R10 

Display and present consumer products new sub-brand for launch program.

Entertainment - Debut Album Kit

Product: E-11-R28 

Create awareness with key influencers - those leading conversations in social media.

Publishing - Mini Press Kit or Portfolio

Product: 50-56 

Increase acceptance rates for iconic events with mini custom printed, reusable portfolios used to hold invitations.

Book Launch Gift Box

Product: E-18-R21 

General Paid speaking engagement for best seller author & create awareness for new book launch

High-tech Gear Sample Kit

Product: E-18-R10 

Showcase high-technology cold weather gear in a sample kit that matches the products’ performance ethos. Closure is hidden velcro, with performance hinge lid. Art Icons reflect technology performance.

Financial - Collateral Kit

Product: 50-51-1 

This slim footprint 1” ring binder has a pocket for collateral and holds sample invoicing & enrollment collateral.

Diagnostic Lab - Information Kit

Product: E-11-R28 

This diagnostic lab keeps physicians and nursing staff coming back by providing a reference kit that is easy to access, read and store.

Health - Product Sample Box

Product: F-41-R3 

This OTC consumer products company thoughtfully showcased samples in a reusable gift box, and targeted large buyers at corporate, education and other organizations.

Creative/Ad Agency - Mini Folio

Product: 40-34-R12 

This miniature samples folio sports a CD hub for a digital capabilities kit + collateral describing the firm’s menu of services, contact points and client list.

Manufacturer - Sales Kit

Product: E-11-R28 

This functional portfolio showcases collateral, insuring that it is kept handy, referred to often and used to place orders and contract services.

Medical - Product Information Kit

Product: 40-22-R11 

Adding a handle for portability and velcro coins for easy storage, this kit will be used to store,and can fit additional collateral with ease.

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